1790s novels (Book Guide)

Source: Wikipedia. Commentary (novels not included). Pages: 63. Chapters: 1790 novels, 1791 novels, 1792 novels, 1793 novels, 1794 novels, 1795 novels, 1796 novels, 1797 novels, 1798 novels, 1799 novels, The Monk, Maria: or, The Wrongs of Woman, The Castle of Wolfenbach, The Necromancer, or, The Tale of the Black Forest, Camilla, The Coquette, The Romance of the Forest, Sky-Walk, Celestina, Justine, The Mysteries of Udolpho, Wieland, Things as They Are, or, The Adventures of Caleb Williams, The Orphan of the Rhine, Arthur Mervyn, Lady Susan, Heer Ranjha, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, Jacques the Fatalist, Charlotte Temple, The Algerine Captive, Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship, Juliette, The Italian, St. Leon, Clermont, Edgar Huntly, Memoirs of Emma Courtney, La Religieuse, The Midnight Bell, The Victim of Prejudice, The Mysterious Warning, a German Tale, Aline and Valcour, Journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow, Modern Chivalry, Anti-Justine, Horrid Mysteries, Hermsprong, The Horrors of Oakendale Abbey, A Sicilian Romance, The Abbess, Siebenkäs, Hyperion, The History of Constantius and Pulchera, Bungay Castle, The Children of the Abbey. Excerpt: The Monk: A Romance is a Gothic novel by Matthew Gregory Lewis, published in 1796. It was written before the author turned 20, in the space of 10 weeks. Agnes is Don Lorenzo's younger sister and Don Raymond's lover. Her mother was ill while pregnant with Agnes and promised to send Agnes to the convent if she delivered her safely. She is a virtuous young lady who intends to marry Don Raymond but her parents want her to become a nun, so she decides to run away with him. Their plans are foiled and, thinking Don Raymond has abandoned her forever, she enters the convent. However, Don Raymond discovers her location and disguises himself as a gardener to get in and see her. In a moment of heated passion, she breaks her vow of chastity, and later discovers she is carrying his child. When the Prioress discovers her secret, she locks Agnes in the sepulcher. There, Agnes delivers her baby boy, who dies shortly after. Agnes slowly wastes away but is rescued, and sent to recover under the care of Virginia, a friend. She and Don Raymond finally marry. Agnes is grateful for Virginia's careful attention and wants Virginia and her brother to marry. Ambrosio is an extremely devout monk about 30 years old. He was found left at the Abbey doorstep when he was too young to tell his tale. The monks consider him a present from the Virgin and they educate him at the monastery. According to Don Lorenzo, he has "never been known to transgress a single rule of his order." The progress of the novel chronicles Ambrosio's fall from innocence and virtue to complete evil. Antonia is a timid and innocent girl of 15. She was brought up in an old castle in Murcia with only her mother Elvira and is therefore very sheltered. She is the object of Don Lorenzo's attentions. She is eventually buried alive, raped and murdered by Ambrosio, who turns out to be her older brother. In The Monk, the evil characters are better written than the virtuous ones, and Antonia's character is so virtuous that some have fou

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