1797 in Europe

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 36. Chapters: 1797 in Austria, 1797 in Denmark, 1797 in England, 1797 in France, 1797 in Germany, 1797 in Great Britain, 1797 in Ireland, 1797 in Italy, 1797 in Norway, 1797 in Russia, 1797 in Scotland, 1797 in Spain, 1797 in the Netherlands, Battle of Rivoli, Battle of Diersheim, Battle of Neuwied, Veronese Easters, Expédition d'Irlande, Battle of Fishguard, Battle of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, French order of battle in the Expédition d'Irlande, Siege of Kehl, 1797 English cricket season, Spithead and Nore mutinies, Treaty of Campo Formio, XYZ Affair, Batavian Republic constitutional referendum, 1797, Transpadane Republic, Action of 16 May 1797, Massacre of Tranent, Incitement to Mutiny Act 1797, Campaigns of 1797 in the French Revolutionary Wars, Jemima Nicholas, Cisrhenian Republic, Bank Restriction Act of 1797, Treaty of Tolentino, Second Congress of Rastatt, Meeting of Parliament Act 1797, Treaty of Leoben, Manifesto of three-day corvee, 1797 in Wales, Act of Parliament clock, Duties on Clocks and Watches Act 1797, Certain Mutinous Crews Act 1797, Unlawful Oaths Act 1797. Excerpt: The Veronese Easters (Italian - Pasque Veronesi) were a rebellion during the Italian campaign of 1797, in which inhabitants of Verona and the surrounding areas revolted against the French occupying forces under Antoine Balland, whilst Napoleon Bonaparte (the French supreme commander in the Italian campaign) was fighting in Austria. They are so-called due to association with the Sicilian Vespers. Incited by oppressive behaviour by the French (confiscating the assets of Verona's citizens and plotting to overthrow the city's local government), it began on the morning of 17 April 1797, the second day of Easter: the enraged population succeeded in defeating more than a thousand French soldiers in the first hour of fighting, forcing them to take refuge in the town's fortifications, which the mob then captured by force. The revolt ended on 25 April 1797 with the encirclement and capture of the town by 15, 000 soldiers, who then forced it to pay a huge fine and hand over various assets, including artwork. The Pasque Veronesi were the most important episode in a vast anti-French and anti-Jacobin insurgency movement which arose throughout the Italian peninsula from 1796 to 1814 - other important episodes included the campaigns of the Armata della Santa Fede which, guided by cardinal Ruffo, succeeded in reconquering the kingdom of Naples, the actions of the Viva Maria band in Tuscany and Liguria, and Andreas Hofer's victories in the County of Tyrol. The movement's followers were numerous, with sources talking of at least 280, 000 insurgents and 70, 000 dead. These revolts were primarily against French domination Jacobin-inspired French political ideology, opposed as such ideology was to prevailing opinions fundamental to Italian society in that period. Paul Delaroche, Napoleon crossing the AlpsNapoleon's objective, even as early as spring 1796, was the conquest of rich venetic Lombardy, and in effect French troops, initially welcomed on the assumption that their stay would be bri

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