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Enemy of the People: A Cartoonist's Journey

Enemy of the People: ...

After 25 years as the political cartoonist for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Rob Rogers was fired for drawing cartoons critical of President Trump.In Enemy of the People Rogers writes, "Trump's open embrace of the darkest, ugliest corners of human nature has emboldened racists, neo-Nazis, criminals, thugs, despots, misogynists and liars to come out from under their rocks and display their shameful ...

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Rogers Marvel Architects

Rogers Marvel Architects

New York City-based Rogers Marvel Architects has garnered high praise for its distinctive blend of elegance, technical mastery, and civic consciousness. Rogers Marvel Architects, the firm's first monograph, showcases recent and award-winning work, from large-scale public projects such as their contest-winning entry (along with West 8 from Rotterdam) to the redesign of New York City's Governors Island to institution specific ...

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Learning Through Practice

Learning Through Practice

Learning Through Practice presents the explorations of the architects and urban designers at Rogers Partners. In its 20 years of practice designing in cities around the country, the firm has maintained an attitude of curiosity about the elements that make design.

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No Cartoon Left Behind!: The Best of Rob Rogers

No Cartoon Left Behind!: ...

In No Cartoon Left Behind, Rogers recounts his humorous path to cartooning and shares his own personal perspective on the major news stories of the past two and a half decades. He covers a diverse range of topics including the Cold War, gun control, smoking, racism, the environment, 9/11 and presidential elections. In the chapter called "Where's the Beef: Fear ...

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The Encyclopedia of Container Plants

The Encyclopedia of Container ...

An award-winning container gardener and horticulturist profiles more than 500 outstanding plants in 180 genera. To this abundance of useful information, Cardillo's stunning photographs add a wealth of visual inspiration.

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