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Un/Popular Culture: Lesbian Writing After the Sex Wars

Un/Popular Culture: Lesbian Writing ...

Offers a lucidly written analysis of the complex and provocative terrain of lesbian literary and cultural theory. Theorizing lesbian, Kathleen Martindale writes, is like embarking on terra incognita. In this book, Martindale offers her lucidly written analysis as a guide through the complex and provocative terrain of lesbian literary and cultural theory. Using the publication of Adrienne Rich's Compulsory Heterosexuality ...

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Living in Limbo: Conflict-Induced Displacement in Europe and Central Asia

Living in Limbo: Conflict-Induced ...

This title analyzes the multi-faceted nature of impoverishment and vulnerability which emerges from long periods of conflict-induced displacement. It reviews the situation of displaced in the context of a wide range of measures of vulnerability including material well being, employment, shelter, human and social capital and concludes that significant vulnerability remains even after many years of displacement.

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Targeting Social Benefits

Targeting Social Benefits

Over the last decade, changing family life and increasing fiscal constraints on welfare expenditures have forced industrialized nations to reconsider how they approach social protection. Faced with ¬scal and demographic changes, many countries have been struggling to develop innovative policy responses. Some involve targeting bene¬ts in order to shrink existing program commitments, to focus welfare expenditures on those most in ...

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Geography and Plays

Geography and Plays

This book offers readers a fascinating view of the range of Gertrude Stein's styles and her radical manipulation of genres during the most fertile and prolific years of her avant-garde experiments--1908 to 1920.

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The Old Curiosity Shop, Vol. 1 of 2

The Old Curiosity Shop, ...

Excerpt from The Old Curiosity Shop, Vol. 1 of 2: With the Original Illustrations First. To establish a periodical, which should enable him to present, under one general head, and not as separate and dis tinct publications certain fictions which he had it in contempla tion to write. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and ...

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Locke's Education for Liberty

Locke's Education for Liberty

Locke's Education for Liberty presents an analysis of the crucial but often underestimated place of education and the family within Lockean liberalism. Nathan Tarcov shows that Locke's neglected work Some Thoughts Concerning Education compares with Plato's Republic and Rousseau's Emile as a treatise on education embodying a comprehensive vision of moral and social life. Locke believed that the family can ...

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Developing Learning Communities Through Teacher Expertise

Developing Learning Communities Through ...

The author presents "internal capacity building" as an alternative to external professional development: "Not having to turn to expensive outside experts all the time is, in the long run, cost saving to the school as well as a means to develop a large group of teacher experts." Using case studies that include practical applications and ideas, the author analyzes four ...

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Race, Culture, and Evolution: Essays in the History of Anthropology

Race, Culture, and Evolution: ...

We have, at long last, a real historian with real historical skills and no intra-professional ax to grind. . . . All these pieces show the virtues one finds missing in . . . nearly all of anthropological history work but [Stocking's]: extensive and critical use of archival sources, tracing of real rather than merely plausible intellectual connections, and contextualization ...

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Writings for a Liberation Psychology

Writings for a Liberation ...

A Spanish-born Jesuit trained in psychology at the University of Chicago and killed by a Salvadoran death squad in 1989, Martin-Baro devoted much of his career to making psychology speak to the community and to the individual. This collection clarifies his importance in Latin American psychology and reveals a major force in social theory.

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The Multimedia Workshop

The Multimedia Workshop

Written in a computer-applications style, this book provides explanations and how-to instructions, followed by numerous exercises. Labeled icons flag the hands-on exercises, alerting users to pitfalls and help.

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Existential Semiotics

Existential Semiotics

Existential semiotics involves an a priori state of signs and theirfixation into objective entities. These essays define this new philosophicalfield.

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The Multimedia Workshop

The Multimedia Workshop

Written in a computer-applications style, each book in this series provides how-to instructions and explanations, followed by numerous exercises, the modular approach allows instructors and students to pick and choose the applications used in their multimedia courses. Each manual uses a second color to focus attention on important features and guide readers through the step-by-step directions.

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Materials of Engineering, Vol. 3 (Classic Reprint)

Materials of Engineering, Vol. ...

Excerpt from Materials of Engineering, Vol. 3 1. The knowledge of metals possessed by the early races of mankind was of the most inexact and unsatisfactory character. They were probably led to seek a method of utilizing them, first, by the demands of their fighting classes. Their structures, there implements of agriculture and war, and their domestic utensils were, in ...

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Democracy In Poland

Democracy In Poland

A comprehensive analysis of contemporary Polish politics, exploring the problems and achievements of this young European democracy, with its disjuncture between mass and elite political cleavages, un-institutionalized party system, and changing political arenas.

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Jackie, Ethel, Joan: Women of Camelot

Jackie, Ethel, Joan: Women ...

Jacqueline Bouvier, Ethel Skakel, and Joan Bennett were three women who married into America's royal family and lived in the glory and glare of politics' highest echelons. Whether dealing with their husbands' blatant infidelities, smiling on the campaign trail, enhancing the family's legacy, or raising their children, the Kennedy wives did it all with unquestioned grace, style, and dignity. Two ...

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I Won't Stay Indian, I'll Keep Studying

I Won't Stay Indian, ...

While teaching and researching on an indigenous reservation in Costa Rica, Karen Stocker discovered that for Native students who attended the high school outside the reservation, two extreme reactions existed to the predominantly racist high school environment. While some maintained their indigenous identity and did poorly in school, others succeeded academically, but rejected their Indianness and the reservation. Between these ...

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