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Handbook of Solvents: Volume 1: Properties

Handbook of Solvents: Volume ...

Each chapter in this volume is focused on a specific set of solvent properties which determine its choice, effect on properties of solutes and solutions, properties of different groups of solvents and the summary of their applications' effect. This includes effects on health and environment (given in tabulated form), swelling of solids in solvents, solvent diffusion and drying processes, nature ...

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World War 1 - Commemorating the 100th Anniversary

World War 1 - ...

Commemorating the 100th anniversary of WWI, this full colour tribute to the men who fought so valiantly features complete coverage of the events, technology, battles and campaigns, along with stunning, iconic and rare images.

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Immersed in the Life of God

Immersed in the Life ...

In this volume honoring William J. Abraham, noted theologians, philosophers, and historians offer erudite analysis of various aspects of the faith -- Scripture, conversion, initiation, liturgy, confession, reconciliation, and more -- and explore how those elements can serve to effect healing in broken lives. Brilliantly highlighting the therapeutic function of the means of grace available in Christian tradition, Immersed in ...

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Everyone Can Write

Everyone Can Write

The essential reference for producing clear, effective writing. Each style of non-fiction writing is dissected before the author's formula of Pre-write, Free-write, Re-write is applied, enabling writers to dramatically improve the quality of their work. Basic grammar and punctuation, easily confused words and other writing tips are also covered.

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Places an individual's crisis of spirituality and economy of resources against a culture focused on financial gain. Winner of the 2004 Iowa Poetry Prize.

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What Makes You Happy?: How Small Changes Can Lead to Big Improvements in Your Life

What Makes You Happy?: ...

What most people want from life is to be happy. But it's strangely difficult to achieve. Psychologist Fiona Robards looks at ten key areas, ranging from finances to relationships, and through practical exercises and searching questions guides us down the path to finding our own simple solutions to stressing less and living calmer, happier lives.

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