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William H. Johnson

William H. Johnson

Published on the occasion of the exhibition organized by the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service and Morgan State University, opening September 2011.

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The Road So Far

The Road So Far

Enter the world of Joseph Fonseca of the 10 Cities/10 Years Project. Joseph's world is rife with poems of grey concrete, corroding broken bricks and a dirty sky that litters the brain with strained street realism and caution. Within the realism of the road are companions who are as authentic as the friends we dutifully remember and casually forget. We ...

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Genomic Imprinting and Uniparental Disomy in Medicine

Genomic Imprinting and Uniparental ...

Eric Engel and Stylianos Antonarakis have written the most authoritative and vital reference on molecular and clinical aspects of uniparental disomy (UPD) and genomic imprinting to date. Genomic Imprinting and Uniparental Disomy in Medicine features comprehensive overviews of a multitude of genetic disorders linked to UPD, with a strong emphasis on clinical consequences. This book will provide readers with the ...

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American Writers

American Writers

This collection of critical and biographical articles now covers 219 notable authors from the 17th century to the present. Signed essays by noted scholars ranging in length from 12-15 pages, provide thought-provoking insights into the lives, careers and works of American authors. The essays are written in an appealing style, include numerous quotations and conclude with bibliographies for further study.

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Ensuring Quality Cancer Care

Ensuring Quality Cancer Care

We all want to believe that when people get cancer, they will receive medical attention of the highest quality. Even as new scientific breakthroughs are announced, though, many cancer patients may be getting the wrong care, too little care, or too much care, in the form of unnecessary procedures.How close is American medicine to the ideal of quality cancer care ...

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The Story of the Irish Race

The Story of the ...

To understand modern Ireland one must understand the history of Ireland. Its legends, religious and political life, culture, and wider contributions to the world remain linked to its rich past. In The Story of the Irish Race, popular writer and storyteller Seumas MacManus provides a wide-ranging look at the development of Ireland and its people. Beginning with the early colonization ...

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Miss Dennis School of Writing

Miss Dennis School of ...

A collection of essays, remembrances, and columns which recount the experiences and observations of a divorced, working mother, and express hopes and fears universal to women. It focuses on the big and small things of life the bond between lifelong friends, coming to grips with loss and the quiet, everyday moments between parents and child.

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Case Studies in Merchandising Apparel and Soft Goods

Case Studies in Merchandising ...

This book asks readers to act as business consultants in a variety of hypothetical work settings, from apparel and soft goods manufacturing to retail sales. Presenting real-life business situations, the cases encourage readers to offer original ideas for problem solving and troubleshooting. Brief narratives introduce case studies in each chapter. An interdisciplinary approach examines the clothing, textiles, and soft goods ...

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Lenny, Lefty, and the Chancellor

Lenny, Lefty, and the ...

Chronicles the events surrounding the tragic death of Len Bias. This title tells a story that sent shock waves far beyond the University of Maryland to all of higher education.

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Mac Ency Wld Slav 2v Set

Mac Ency Wld Slav ...

Spanning historical eras and continents, the Encyclopedia covers all including the stories and cultures of the individuals involved, its complex history, and its colossal impact. Not just for the specialist, this "Encyclopedia" provides the general reader with the most current and accurate information on the people and civilizations affected by slavery. From history and legislation to art, music, and literature, ...

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