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The Best That Ever Did It

The Best That Ever ...

Two men are killed outside the Grand Cafe on Amsterdam Avenue. There's no connection between them, but the widow of one hires Barney Harris, a 250-pound auto mechanic, to sniff out police corruption and find her husband's killer.

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Boston Blackie

Boston Blackie

Boston Blackie isn't afraid of stepping over onto the wrong side of the law. A former jewel thief and safe cracker, a hardened criminal having served time in a California prison, he knows a lot about crime. He's an "enemy to those who make him an enemy, friend to those who have no friend." The 1919 masterpiece!

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The Language of Evaluation

The Language of Evaluation

This is the first comprehensive account of the Appraisal Framework. The underlying linguistic theory is explained and justified, and the application of this flexible tool, which has been applied to a wide variety of text and discourse analysis issues, is demonstrated throughout by sample text analyses from a range of registers, genres and fields.

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The Development of Logical Thinking in Children

The Development of Logical ...

This book lends support to a breakthrough approach to teaching mathematics and science: the fusion of two fields of research -- the developmental sequences of cognition in the areas of classes, relations, space, measurement of space, and time (related to logical mathematical intelligence and spatial intelligence in Multiple Intelligences theory) with the curricular sequences for mathematics and science. It includes ...

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Murder, mayhem, and magic. Pushed by his wife to seize the throne, Macbeth kills his rightful liege and then tries desperately to hold onto the kingdom that he has wrongfully usurped. Prophesy and magic abound in this dark, moody, and atmospheric play. Out, damned spot! Out, I say! One- two -why then 'tis time to do't. Hell is murky. Fie, ...

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Souls Exist

Souls Exist

The central thesis of Souls Exist is since the idea of God has lost credibility in much of contemporary society, the idea of the soul has suffered a similar fate. In the modern world, the concept of soul is not a meaningful reality for most individuals. The author emphasizes the dehumanizing consequences for those who are not conscious of the ...

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They Call Me Old Blue

They Call Me Old ...

Old Blue, Texas' most revered longhorn, worked for rancher Charles Goodnight. But Blue has almost been forgotten by history. In 1998 a mysterious old manuscript was discovered by Preston Lewis. Now Mr. Lewis shares the manuscript, Blue's "autobiography, " with readers for the first time. In this story, we learn that a few great specimens like Old Blue built the ...

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The Fastest Gun in Hollywood

The Fastest Gun in ...

Peter Brown is best known as Deputy Johnny McKay on Lawman and Texas Ranger Chad Cooper on Laredo, but his show business career has spanned five decades from theatre to prime time television to movies to daytime soap operas. Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr., Dean Martin, Ann-Margret and Hugh Hefner are just a few of the many stars he has ...

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The Smaller Sky

The Smaller Sky

A classic.' - Susan Hill, author of The Woman in Black and I'm King of the Castle 'John Wain's best novel in a long time . . . an interesting story . . . stunning.' - The Observer 'John Wain's contribution to the gathering army of lone, upset figures is a notable one.' - William Trevor, Books and Bookmen 'Harrowing ...

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Mythic Thinking in Twentieth-Century Britain

Mythic Thinking in Twentieth-Century ...

A variety of thinkers used the concept of myth to articulate their anxieties about modernity. By telling the story of mythic thinking in Britain from its origins in Victorian social anthropology to its postwar cultural mainstreaming, this book reveals a yearning for transcendence in an age long assumed to be disenchanted.

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Education and State Formation

Education and State Formation

Education has always been a key instrument of nation-building in new states. National education systems have typically been used to assimilate immigrants, to promote established religious doctrines, to spread the standard form of national languages, and to forge national identities and national cultures. They helped construct the very subjectivities of citizenship, justifying the ways of the state to the people ...

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Emotions in Multiple Languages

Emotions in Multiple Languages

Alarge-scale investigation on how multilinguals feel about their languages and use them to communicate emotion. Combining quantitative and qualitative approaches, the author looks at the factors that affect multilinguals' self-perceived competence, attitudes, communicative anxiety, language choice and code-switching.

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Ophelia and the Marvelous Boy

Ophelia and the Marvelous ...

Magic is "messy and dangerous and filled with longing, " we learn in this brave tale of grief, villainy and redemption that borrows from the story of the Snow Queen. Set in a vast, chilly museum, the tale brings together a valiant girl, a charmed boy, a magical sword and a clock ticking down to the end of the world."-The ...

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DNA biosensors

DNA biosensors

Breast cancer is the third most common cancer in women with about 22% of all cancer incidences arise from breast cancer. Moreover, it is still the leading cause of cancer mortality in women, compare to the other common cancers. Recent several biomarkers have been associated with the disease and these include protein and genetic markers. Due to the absence of ...

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