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Virtues of Hazel

Virtues of Hazel

Excerpt from Virtues of Hazel: Or, Blessings of Government Whoever dares to publish his unbelief of the charity and honestly of the Lords spiritual and temporal (as they say) of this world, is branded the enemy of his God and kind. Now arguments are wanted to satisfy the minds of labouring people about the divine right of kings, and the ...

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Memories and Milestones (Classic Reprint)

Memories and Milestones (Classic ...

Excerpt from Memories and Milestones Life is a unity in spite of the lightning changes of scene that ¿ash across its vistas, and shock us with an awe inspiring sense of dislocation. Behind all there is a steady, moving power, and the scenes are related. The whole of any life, the whole of any epoch, is past and gone in ...

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Walk in a Relaxed Manner

Walk in a Relaxed ...

At age 60, Joyce Rupp didn't know what she was getting into when she began a 47-day pilgrimage along the Camino de Santiago in Spain. Twenty-five life lessons are included in this resource. Orbis Books

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Past Darkness

Past Darkness

Private investigator Karl Kane returns in this 4th book in the crime series, set in Belfast. Karl finally gets to confront Walter Arnold, the man who murdered Karl's mother and left Karl for dead when he was a child.

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The Red Cross in France (Classic Reprint)

The Red Cross in ...

Excerpt from The Red Cross in France The wonders of the Red Cross will never cease! Since it was brought into existence by the International Treaty of 1864, to which forty nations became signatories, its activities have been every year growing more and more world wide, and in war and in peace it is, probably, the greatest and most extensive ...

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The Balls.ie Guide to Life

The Balls.ie Guide to ...

Get your sport-life balance in order with this humorous and witty compendium of Irish life right now. Encompassing the most successful posts on balls.ie and a host of new material, it will get you in tune with your inner sporting superstar.

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Famine Truths, Half Truths, Untruths (Classic Reprint)

Famine Truths, Half Truths, ...

Excerpt from Famine Truths, Half Truths, Untruths In the Report of the Indian Famine Commission of May, 1901, Sir Anthony Macdonnell has said the last word apparently about the treatment of these frightful calamities, while his powerful individuality is strongly impressed on every page. About the origin, the history, the etiology of famine, nothing hardly is found, nor was the ...

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The inside story of a lifetime spent fighting crime, from local Garda in Kildare to Detective Superintendent, tackling everything from small local crimes to major national and international investigations.

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Requiem Vampire Knight Vol. 6

Requiem Vampire Knight Vol. ...

Continuing the graphic novel series about a German officer during WWII who is killed and reincarnated into the world of Resurrection, as one of the vampire elite. With illustrations by Olivier Ledroit.

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