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Therapies for a Healthy Body: A Complete Guide to Holistic Therapies for Maintaining Optimum Physical Health

Therapies for a Healthy ...

The stresses of modern life can create enormous body tension, and this guide will show you how to achieve physical well-being using a range of complementary therapies and natural remedies. Explore more than 60 of the body therapies available today, learn the basics of maintaining a healthy body, find out how bodywork can heal your mind, and maximize your energy ...

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Little Italy

Little Italy

Often separated from other immigrants because of their language, Italian immigrants to New York City in the 1880s formed communities apart from their new neighbors. They tended to think of themselves collectively as a small Italian colony, La Colonia, that made up part of the demographics of the city. In each of the five boroughs, Italians set up many colonie. ...

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Ellis Island

Ellis Island

The United States is considered the world's foremost refuge for foreigners, and no place in the nation symbolizes this better than Ellis Island. Through Ellis Island's halls and corridors more than twelve million immigrants-of nearly every nationality and race-entered the country on their way to new experiences in North America. With an astonishing array of nineteenth- and twentieth-century photographs, Ellis ...

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Bill Clinton: Man of the Public

Bill Clinton: Man of ...

This author gives a "birds eye" view of William J. Clinton as he struggles to hold onto the most powerful office in American politics while accused of deception, betrayal, sexual misconduct and more.

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Living in Jesus

Living in Jesus

The Women of Faith study guide series features topical handbooks that deal with issues women wrestle with today: God's Will, Living in Christ, Prayer, and Worry.

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Electronic Engine Management Reference Manual

Electronic Engine Management Reference ...

It's no secret that today's cars are doing more with less. Here is information and guidance on modern, efficient, auto electronic and electrical systems that will work well in your car. This book provides a practical guide to converting, installing and maintaining the following: Electronic Fuel Injection, Electronic Ignition, Engine Management New, compact, high output alternators, High torque starter motors, ...

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Hoosier High School Basketball

Hoosier High School Basketball

Indiana is the first state that comes to mind when one thinks of high school basketball. The game itself is an important part of the history of the state. From reports of the first game in 1894 to the heyday when Hoosier high school gyms were filled beyond capacity, "Hoosierism" and basketball have had a long and eventful relationship. Towns ...

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Employee Rights and Industrial Justice: Bulletin of Comparative Labour Relations 28-1994

Employee Rights and Industrial ...

The result of work undertaken by the Study Group on Employee Rights and Industrial Justice of the International Industrial Relations Association (IIRA), this bulletin contains a selected group of papers presented at the various meetings of the Study Group, as well as some original papers.

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The Place of Tolerance in Islam

The Place of Tolerance ...

Khaled Abou El Fadl, a prominent critic of Islamic puritanism, leads off this lively debate by arguing that Islam is a deeply tolerant religion. Injunctions to violence against nonbelievers stem from misreadings of the Qur'an, he claims, and even jihad, or so-called holy war, has no basis in Qur'anic text or Muslim theology but instead grew out of social and ...

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