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Undine by Friedrich de la Motte Fouque, Fiction, Horror

Undine by Friedrich de ...

Most artistic of all the continental weird tales is the German classic "Undine" (1814), by Fouquie. In this story of a water-spirit who married a mortal and gained a human soul there is a delicate fineness of craftsmanship which makes it notable in any department of literature."-- H.P. Lovecraft, "Supernatural Horror In Literature.

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Henning Larsen: The Architect's Studio

Henning Larsen: The Architect's ...

The ability to capture the spirit of a time, while still maintaining a sense of continuity, is emblematic of much great modern architecture. The projects created by Henning Larsen are no exception. Using a contemporary and sophisticated formal language, Larsen and his studio have succeeded in extracting the essence of the new and in translating it into a consistent and ...

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A Burning Interior

A Burning Interior

Since his precocious first book, published when he was eighteen, award-winning David Shapiro's four previous volumes of poetry have been hailed by Kenneth Rexroth, Philip Lopate, and John Ashbery. "A Burning Interior" offers a restless poetry dense with stories but without mere confession or whimsical surface. It is a collection both universal and, at the same time, powerfully Jewish. Shapiro's ...

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The Ballad of Johnny Sosa

The Ballad of Johnny ...

This novel, available in English for the first time, depicts an ordinary man trying to live out his dreams in a dreary provincial town in Uruguay while suffocating in the tentacles of military oppression.

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Professional Digital Photography

Professional Digital Photography

Going beyond a basic introduction to digital equipment, this book teaches photographers how to achieve high-quality, professional results with digital equipment and the application of traditional photographic techniques. It serves as a sourcebook for professionals who are ready to complement their traditional images with digital imaging techniques. Explained are how color balancing can be altered with a dial on a ...

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Photo Retouching with Adobe Photoshop

Photo Retouching with Adobe ...

This updated manual teaches the specialized techniques needed for correcting photos using the latest version of Adobe Photoshop. With Photoshop, the skilled photographer's ability to retouch photos has become almost limitless. Included are professional techniques aimed specifically at photographers and photo-imaging enthusiasts. Photographers will learn how to restore damaged photographs, correct blemishes, change backgrounds, and add or subtract people from ...

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Photographer's Lighting Handbook

Photographer's Lighting Handbook

Professional photographers have access to specialized and often expensive lighting equipment, but amateurs can take great photographs with much simpler setups or even just available light. This guide explains how to get the best results from the most minimal investment with plenty of patience and practice. Photography is the art of capturing light on paper, and all that is needed ...

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Lighting Techniques for High Key Portrait Photography

Lighting Techniques for High ...

Photographers will learn from a master the impact and beauty that can be created through the precision creation of high key portraits. In photography, the word key is used to describe the overall tonal range in which the photograph is created--including the background, subject, props, and clothing. If the tones are very light, the image is called "high key." Because ...

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Tasc Fire Apparatus: 1946-1985 Photo Archive

Tasc Fire Apparatus: 1946-1985 ...

This photographic look at the apparatus built by the small New Jersey manufacturer illustrates 40 years of progression from small commercial chassis to final customer units.

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Easy Money!

Easy Money!

This handy and easy-to-read guide shows how to play and win at the ten most popular and important casino games--blackjack, craps, slots, Caribbean stud poker, baccarat, keno, Let It Ride, poker, roulette, and video poker--all in one quick and easy reading.

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