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Sororoscopes: Revised and Expanded

Sororoscopes: Revised and Expanded

In this lyrical volume of poetry, Okoampa-Ahoofe joyously celebrates the magnificent and splendid diversity of global womanhood. It is a sumptuous, musical feast of our common humanity.

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Sky Changes

Sky Changes

Divorce in America is the subject of Gilbert Sorrentino's relentlessly disturbing first novel. Tracing the New York-to-San Francisco journey of a family as husband and wife try to maintain the illusion that their marriage can be rescued, The Sky Changes records the imaginable damage they inflict upon each other in order to force themselves towards divorce. Along the way, their ...

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Jo's Triumph

Jo's Triumph

In the 1850s, Joselyn, an orphan at the Carson City Home for Unfortunate Children, disguises herself as a boy and escapes. Her love for and expertise with horses leads her straight to the Pony Express, changing her life to one that demands all her inner strength and resources. Illustrations.

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The Psychological Technique of Martin Luther Thomas’ Radio Addresses

The Psychological Technique of ...

This study was written in English in the 1930s when Adorno, one of the 20th century's most influential thinkers, was living in the United States. It is a pioneering analysis of a member of what we now call the Radical Right--the now-forgotten Martin Luther Thomas, an American fascist-style demagogue who used the radio to appeal to and to manipulate his ...

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The Ontology of Cyberspace: Philosophy, Law, and the Future of Intellectual Property

The Ontology of Cyberspace: ...

With the proliferation of computer software and media, controversies have arisen around copyright and patent law. This book is based on the idea that the cyberworld encompasses all computer-mediated phenomena. Koepsell proposes intellectual property protection to cope with the complexities of the virtual world, and argues that the subjects of patents and copyrights are essentially the same -- they are ...

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The Difficulty of Being a Dog

The Difficulty of Being ...

Raising the subject of dogs to a higher plane, this book features 43 lovingly crafted vignettes introducing readers to dogs real and literary, famous and reviled, and offers a sense of what makes our relationships with them so meaningful.

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Club Zero-G

Club Zero-G

In his first graphic novel, Douglas Rushkoff presents a strange new tale that takes place on the front lines of the thought wars. Club Zero-G is a mind-expanding work that offers an allegory for today's highly managed collective psyche, and a hint at the power available to anyone willing to step out of the story in which they are living.

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El Cielo = Heaven, Better by Far

El Cielo = Heaven, ...

J. Oswald Sanders tiene noticias importantes para todo cristiano: El cielo es mejor de lo que creemos. Una mirada al controversial tema del cielo y el ultimo libro que escribio el autor antes de su muerte a los 90 anos de edad. Su sinceridad reta los pensamientos mas populares y responde muchas preguntas importantes tales como: Que es la muerte? ...

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Haney's Base Ball Book of Reference

Haney's Base Ball Book ...

The Revised Rules of Baseball for 1867 together with full instructions for umpires and scorers, and also for pitching, batting, and fielding.

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Scientists and the Development of Nuclear Weapons

Scientists and the Development ...

Here the development of nuclear weapons is viewed from the perspective of the scientist. From the discovery of fission to the Manhattan Project, to Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the arms race and early steps toward arms control, this book provides a context for developments in the period 1939-1963. It discusses the scientists' technical contributions, the novelty of working for the government ...

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