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La Muerte Tiene Permiso

La Muerte Tiene Permiso

En esta obra, los autores resean la historia de la microscopa electrnica, analizan los importantes avances en el campo de la biologa logrados gracias a la microscopa y dan cuenta de los desarrollos tecnolgicos del microscopio: sistemas computacionales de anlisis de imgenes y la complementariedad ofrecida por la microscopa ptica confocal.

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The Isolated State in Relation to Agriculture and Political Economy

The Isolated State in ...

This volume is the first ever English translation of Part III of von Thünen`s famous 'Isolated State'. It deals with the optimum rotation period of woods - a central problem of capital theory which has been studied by many famous economists. Thünen's early approach to the problem compares very well with most of the later attempts.

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Cavernous Malformations of the Brain and Spinal Cord

Cavernous Malformations of the ...

This book presents a comprehensive overview of the basic science and current clinical knowledge on cavernous malformations of the brain and spinal cord. Cavernous Malformations of the Brain and Spinal Cord begins by covering general aspects of the disease, including the natural history, molecular biology, pathological processes, genetic basis, neuroradiology, and classification of cavernous malformations. Separate chapters then address the ...

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New translation of Israeli/French film classic 'Kadosh'. Winner Of The 'Prix Des Ecrivains Croyants'.

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Leading Your African American Church Through Pastoral Transitions

Leading Your African American ...

Watkins shares helpful insights, practical strategies, and biblical principles to help clergy, their family, and their congregation negotiate the change in leadership. This resource features a half-dozen ministry profiles based on interviews with pastors and churches that have navigated a significant pastoral change of their own.

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The Price of Friendship

The Price of Friendship

Kirk wants to become an engineer, but his dreams are interfering with his relationship with two old friends who are demanding Kirk join their gang.

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Creation: Thirteen 6-In-1 Comprehensive Curriculum Lessons, Grades 1-4

Creation: Thirteen 6-In-1 Comprehensive ...


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Mama Down the Bayou Recipes with Shopping Lists

Mama Down the Bayou ...

This is a cookbook on how to plan for your next family celebration with Southern Creole recipes including shopping lists and an event planner. Here you will find timelines, family assignments, grocery lists for each entre and tips on cooking Creole style. You will discover: 1. Easy to follow recipes. 2. Timelines to help organize your food preparation and family ...

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Do You Remember Me?

Do You Remember Me?

When Nikitta Rossi witnesses a fatal armed robbery, a series of events is unleashed-from a deadly fire to the fear of an unknown stalker, Nikitta cannot be free from the horror in which she finds herself, or the threat of another attack until the killer is caught. As suspects appear, no one is presumed above suspicion.

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Gone Fishing!: Anecdotes of an Angler

Gone Fishing!: Anecdotes of ...

A colorful and engaging memoir of the author's piscatorial pursuits. Portraying angling as not just a pastime, but as part of a philosophy of life, he recounts many memorable encounters with 'brothers of the angle', and tells many stories of his luck, both good and bad.

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Plagiarism: Why It Happens - How to Prevent It

Plagiarism: Why It Happens ...

A Study Guide is available for this title. Click here to download. To download some helpful suggestions for book study groups, click here.You dread confronting students who have plagiarized. But every year you have to. By the time you detect a simple citation mistake or a research misdemeanor, it's too late. The right prevention strategy can reduce or eliminate the ...

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