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First published in Switzerland in 1892, finally printed in Russia in 1906, and never before translated into English, "Nihilist Girl is the story of a young aristocrat who longs to devote her life to a cause.

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Open the door of discovery to students as they explore the properties of Earth's most interesting and precious resource! Activities covered include: How do ships float? When can water carry an electric current? How does water act like a lens? Investigating life in a pond How can you make your own cloud? What makes up a water molecule? ...plus 14 ...

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Design by Composition for Rapid Prototyping

Design by Composition for ...

At first glance, a book on "Design by Composition for Rapid Prototyping" may seem out of place in a series on Robotics. However, this work has a couple of strong connections to the field of robotics and the robotics community, and I am delighted to introduce it to the series. The first connection is the motivation behind Binnard's work. Michael ...

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Avances en genética molecular humana

Avances en genética molecular ...

Este libro contiene resúmenes de lo tratado en el curso de doctorado "Genética Molecular Humana" que se impartió durante el curso 1993-94 dentro del programa de Biología de la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Se ha querido prestar una atención especial al análisis de los procedimientos técnicos y metodológicos que se están que están utilizando para la localización, aislamiento y caracterización ...

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