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Hit the Road, Manny: A Manny Files Novel

Hit the Road, Manny: ...

The manny joins Keats and the whole family as they pile into a rented RV for a road trip. But a stopover in the manny's hometown is making the manny feel not so fabulous. Keats wonders why the manny's parents can't accept him for who he is.

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Icheck Series, Microsoft Office Access 2007, Real World Applications, Student Edition

Icheck Series, Microsoft Office ...

Glencoe's "Microsoft Access 2007" is an engaging top-bound text which provides students with applications that apply to everyday life! Written specifically for high school students, this rigorous express series provides extensive step-by-step exercises and projects that prepare students for MCAS certification. It is age-level and interest-level appropriate. The student edition includes integration of basic language arts and mathematics skills.

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Ramblings of a Lowcountry Game Warden: A Memoir

Ramblings of a Lowcountry ...

Moise served with distinction as a South Carolina game warden for nearly a quarter century, patrolling the coastal woods and waters of the Palmetto State. This memoir chronicles grueling stakeouts, complex trials, hair-raising adventures, and daily interactions with a host of outrageous personalities.

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Children's Literature Review: Volume 130

Children's Literature Review: Volume ...

This illustrated series covers more than 600 writers and illustrators for children and young adults. Typical entries consist of a listing of major works and awards and criticism from significant reviews and commentaries on the author's or artist's works. Each volume includes cumulative author name and nationality indexes as well as a volume-specific title index. A cumulative title index to ...

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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Nova Science staff editors Emmerling, Shanwal and Mandal present this collection of scientific and statistical analyses on the decidedly subjective discipline of emotional intelligence. Contributors from around the world offer very technical perspectives based on both theoretical and cultural observations, and cover such topics as the ability model of emotional intelligence, group emotional competence and whether emotional intelligence is universal ...

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Como Interpretar Los Tiempos: La Manera En Que Dios Interviene En Nuestra Vida Para Traer Revelacion y Entendimiento

Como Interpretar Los Tiempos: ...

Have you ever noticed how often we use the word "time" in our everyday conversations? Not only are we acutely aware of the passage of time, but our speech is also littered with references to it: We kill and waste time. Time flies, or sometimes it crawls.

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Sunshine and Vitamin D

Sunshine and Vitamin D

Foodborne pathogens enter the body through the intestinal tract where they cause temporary upsets. However, if they go from the intestinal tract into the bloodstream, they can invade other organs, systems, and structures, where they inflict damage such as some forms of heart disease, arthritis, and cancer. This book discusses the rising incidence of foodborne illness, and suggests ways in ...

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Vita Nuova

Vita Nuova

Showcases the author's bohemian intellectual life, and his relationship with Vladimir Boudnik.

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War No More: The Antiwar Impulse in American Literature, 1861-1914

War No More: The ...

Until now, scholars have portrayed Americas antiwar literature as an outgrowth of World War I, manifested in the works of writers such as Ernest Hemingway and John Dos Passos. But in War No More, Cynthia Wachtell corrects the record by tracing the steady and inexorable rise of antiwar writing in American literature from the Civil War to the eve of ...

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Parenting Challenging Children with Power, Love and Sound Mind: The Nurtured Heart Approach from a Biblical Viewpoint

Parenting Challenging Children with ...

The author has penned a compelling, important book especially for stressed-out Christian parents and caregivers. Inside, she carefully teaches an immensely successful and easy to understand method for raising and encouraging triumphant, ethical children and teens - no matter how difficult or challenging they may be at this moment or how dire their clinical diagnoses.

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Knowledge Processing with Interval and Soft Computing

Knowledge Processing with Interval ...

Interval computing combined with fuzzy logic has become an emerging tool in studying artificial intelligence and knowledge processing (AIKP) applications since it models uncertainties frequently raised in the field. This book provides introductions for both interval and fuzzy computing in a very accessible style. Application algorithms covered in this book include quantitative and qualitative data mining with interval valued datasets, ...

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The Regulation of Boxing

The Regulation of Boxing

This first nationwide study of boxing regulations in the United States offers an historical overview of the subject, from the earliest attempts at regulating the sport to present-day legislation that may create a national boxing commission. It examines the disparity of regulations among states, as well as the reasons for some of these differences. The work features interviews with boxing ...

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Lesbians in Television and Text after the Millennium

Lesbians in Television and ...

Taking up such issues as mainstreaming, the male gaze, and female masculinity, this book puts forward provocative readings of little explored texts and offers new insights into the contemporary representation of lesbians.

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