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A History of South Africa

A History of South ...

A scholarly study, vividly written, about the Cape Colony, dating back to ancient Egyptian visits, through early European explorers and European settlers, ending with the establishment of the Union of South Africa.

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Foundations of Theological Study: A Sourcebook

Foundations of Theological Study: ...

This is a collection of readings in theology, classical and contemporary, intended for college level students. It covers the major themes of an introductory course in theology, the experience of the sacred, the notion of God, Revelation, Jesus Christ, and the Christian life.

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Sources of the Holocaust

Sources of the Holocaust

The Holocaust was the central event of the twentieth century. How can we understand the Nazi drive to murder millions of people, or the determination of concentration camp prisoners to survive? In this new collection of original documents and sources, Steve Hochstadt brings the reader into direct contact with the Holocaust's human participants. The words of Nazi leaders and common ...

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English insurance texts

English insurance texts

Der Autor Keith Purvis ist bekannt aus der Rubrik "Words for the Week" (WftW), die regelmäßig in der Zeitschrift Versicherungswirtschaft erscheint. Mit "English insurance texts" erhalten alle, die sich "mehr" von "Words for the Week" gewünscht haben oder sich intensiver mit der Anwendung der englischen Sprache im Versicherungskontext befassen möchten, ein umfassendes Nachschlagewerk. Der Titel enthält: - 122 Units, die ...

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Latin Songs

Latin Songs

An invaluable collection of 82 Latin standards at a price that can't be beat! Includes: Always in My Heart (Siempre En Mi Corazon) * Amor * Besame Mucho (Kiss Me Much) * Bossa Nova Baby * Brazil * Desafinado * Frenesi * The Girl from Ipanema * Granada * How Insensitive (Insensatez) * La Bamba * La Paloma * La ...

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Children's Songs

Children's Songs

This fabulous collection includes 110 songs that kids love, from favourite folk songs to movie & TV themes.

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Tribal Asia: Ceremonies, Rituals and Dress

Tribal Asia: Ceremonies, Rituals ...

The peoples of tribal Asia and their customs can only be understood when we try to see the world through their eyes. Living in harmony with nature, they survive even in the most isolated regions, withstanding both the pressures of encroaching civilization and the destruction of their natural environment. The amazing variety in their clothing, jewelry, body painting, and other ...

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The Confessions of St.Augustine

The Confessions of St.Augustine

Influential work recalls author's mid-4th-century origins in rural Algeria, lavish lifestyle in Milan, his struggle with sexual desires, eventual renunciation of secular ambitions and marriage, and recovery of his Catholic faith.

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Mind Over Matter: Conversations with the Cosmos

Mind Over Matter: Conversations ...

The universe comes down to earth in Cole's fresh and witty exploration of physics, cosmology, mathematics, astronomy, and more. Like no other science writer, Cole demystifies scientific concepts and humanizes the people who study them.

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It's Not Over 'Til It's Over: The Stories Behind the Most Magnificent, Heart-Stopping Sports Miracles of Our Time

It's Not Over 'Til ...

Inextricably linked with the film "Brian's Song, " based on his book "I Am Third, " Silverman recreates the most electrifying great sports events, whether the bottom of the ninth, the 15th round, or the 18th hole that brought cheering, screaming, crying fans to their feet.

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101 Myths of the Bible: How Ancient Scribes Invented Biblical History

101 Myths of the ...

This riveting and controversial book reveals how the ancient editors of the Bible used the myths and legends of neighboring cultures to build the foundations of the monotheistic religions of today. Illustrations.

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New Proofs for the Existence of God

New Proofs for the ...

Several books championing agnosticism or atheism have made their way into public consciousness of late. But these popular books ignore the vast majority - if not the entirety - of the considerable evidence for theism that has come to light from physics and philosophy during the last forty years. New Proofs for the Existence of God thoughtfully and thoroughly responds ...

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Star Wars Year by Year: A Visual Chronicle

Star Wars Year by ...

Produced in collaboration with Lucasfilm and written by Star Wars experts, this full-color edition chronologically details the history and developments of the movies, the events, press, logistics surrounding the making of each movie, and so much more. Includes two exclusive prints.

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Caminos del islam

Caminos del islam

La creciente presencia social de la religión islámica en Europa hace especialmente necesario el conocimiento de sus orígenes, su contenido y variantes, así como el de las manifestaciones culturales que la acompañan . El profesor don José Morales aborda estas materias en el presente libro. Dirigido a un público amplio, el trabajo pretende suministrar los elementos necesarios para analizar con ...

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The Roosevelt Gambit

The Roosevelt Gambit

From World War I Europe to United States New Mexico, this tale of Germans, the British, cowboys, and Indians is based on the actual event of the historic raid of Pancho Villa on the United States.

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