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T. S. Eliot and American Philosophy

T. S. Eliot and ...

Manju Jain traces the genesis of Eliot's major literary, religious and intellectual preoccupations in his early work as a student of philosophy, and explores its influence on his poetic and critical practice.

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Poetry for the Soul: Enhancing the Quality of Your Life

Poetry for the Soul: ...

A rich collection of the most famous Western poetry, together with Japanese haiku and tanka poems (in Japanese with translations) by emperors, court ladies, samurai warriors and contemporary masters?

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Shadows in My Eyes

Shadows in My Eyes

Samantha is a beautiful young woman with a promising future. However, as the unintentional recipient of powers not meant for her, she has fallen under attack. Erik Stephen's thirst for domination far exceeds that of his father, Hitler! So does the extent of violence and suffering he will inflict to further his glory. The only thing that stands in his ...

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Radio Replies Vol. 3

Radio Replies Vol. 3

Radio Replies are questions and answers about the Catholic faith compiled and published by the famous radio priests, Fathers Rumble and Carty. Father Rumble broadcast from Sydney, Australia, and Father Carty from St. Paul, Minnesota. The questions printed here were sent in by the many listeners of these intrepid priests, who answered them over the air. Later, they assembled into ...

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Linguistics: The Cambridge Survey is a comprehensive introduction to current research in all branches of the field of linguistics, from syntactic theory to ethnography of speaking, from signed language to the mental lexicon, from language acquisition to discourse analysis. Each chapter has been written by a specialist particularly distinguished in his or her field who has accepted the challenge of ...

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