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Revolution and the Historical Novel

Revolution and the Historical ...

John McWilliams has written the first, much needed account of the ways the promise and threat of political revolution have informed masterpieces of the historical novel. The jolting sense of historical change caused by the French Revolution led to an immense readership for a new kind of fiction, centered on revolution, counter-revolution and warfare, which soon came to be called ...

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Korean Diaspora across the World

Korean Diaspora across the ...

This edited volume analyzes the Korean diaspora across the world and traces the meaning and the performance of homeland. The contributors explore different types of discourses among Korean diaspora across the world, such as personal/familial narratives, oral/life histories, public discourses, and media discourses. They also examine the notion of "space" to diasporic experiences, arguing meanings of space/place for Korean diaspora ...

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Echoes from the East

Echoes from the East

Echoes from the East: The Javanese Gamelan and its Influence on the Music of Claude Debussy chronicles Debussy's encounter with the music of the gamelan, an ensemble of tuned percussion instruments, at the Paris Exposition Universelle in 1889. This book explores the profound effect this event had on his work and style.

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Asian Catholic Women

Asian Catholic Women

This book investigates Asian Catholic women's movements and their new consciousness of women's roles and status in the Roman Catholic church in Asia. The book gathers voices of Asian women and Asian bishops that address women's issues and concerns.

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Dance and Modernism in Irish and German Literature and Culture

Dance and Modernism in ...

This collection of essays by dancers, scholars of ethnochoreology, dance studies, drama studies, cultural studies, literature, and architecture explores Irish-German connections through dance in choreographic processes and on stage, in literary texts, photography, dance documentation, film, and architecture since the 1920s.

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