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Brown v. Board of Education

Brown v. Board of ...

Brown versus Board of Education was a landmark decision that overturned the pernicious "seperate but equal" doctrine. This study of the case offers an insightful and original overview designed expressly for students and general readers.

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Money, Power, and Print

Money, Power, and Print

This collection gathers together the expertise of scholars in several disciplines in order to examine the manner in which financial and economic arguments were expressed in pamphlets, broadsides, and longer works of literature in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and to assess to what extent the political realities of the day were informed by these debates or, alternatively, shaped the ...

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Freedom and Dialogue in a Polarized World

Freedom and Dialogue in ...

This book invites us to question our infatuation with freedom as autonomy and enlightenment and introduces a new concept: dialogic freedom. It presents riveting moments of decision in literature from Homer's Iliad to Morrison's Beloved, urging us to read for and with dialogic freedom, and inspiring us to feel freer by abandoning our polarized enclaves in order to see better ...

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The Stage's Glory

The Stage's Glory

John Rich (1692-1761) was a profoundly influential figure of the eighteenth-century London stage. As producer, manager and performer, he transformed the urban entertainment market, creating genres and promotional methods still with us today. This volume gives the first comprehensive overview of Rich's multifaceted career. Contributions by leading scholars from a range of disciplines- theatre, dance, music, art, and cultural history--provide ...

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Resentment and the Right

Resentment and the Right

Resentment and the Right explores the construction of a distinctive identity by intellectuals of the French extreme right that separated them from the mainstream or left-wing political and intellectual world. In doing so, it also provides new insight into several ongoing historiographical debates.

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French Cultural Studies for the Twenty-First Century

French Cultural Studies for ...

French Cultural Studies for the Twenty-First Century brings together current scholarship on a diverse range of topics--from French postcards and Third Republic menus to Haitian literary magazines and representation of race in vaudeville theater--in order to provide methodological insight into the current practice of French cultural studies. The essays in the volume show how scholars of French studies can effectively ...

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Deep Play

Deep Play

Deep Play' examines the emergence of modern self- and social-consciousness in eighteenth-century Britain as an awareness of class and culture. It examines popular ballads and songs, country dances, catches, mumming plays, beliefs and sayings, fables, stories, and legends as these plebeian cultural materials are brought by Gay to comment on 'polite' opera, drama, and literature.

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Representation of the Struggling Artist in America, 1800 1865

Representation of the Struggling ...

This book analyzes how American painters, sculptors, and writers, active between 1800 and 1865, depicted their response to a democratic society that failed to adequately support them financially and intellectually.

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