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Philosophia in Der Konkurrenz Von Schulen, Wissenschaften Und Religionen: Zur Pluralisierung Des Philosophiebegriffs in Kaiserzeit Und Spätantike

Philosophia in Der Konkurrenz ...

This volume is a compilation of essays devoted to a phenomenon that is characteristic of the Roman Imperial Period and Late Antiquity: the pluralization of the notion of philosophy, which took on multiple new aspects in the context of intense conflict between the culture of antiquity and Christianity.

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Franz Boas with the Inuit of Baffin Island, 1883-1884: Journals and Letters

Franz Boas with the ...

In the summer of 1883, fledgling anthropologist Franz Boas spent a year among the Inuit of Cumberland Sound, Baffin Island. This book presents in English his letters and journal entries from the year that he spent among the Inuit.

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The Moonstone

The Moonstone

A thrilling tale from the original master of detective fiction Wilkie Collins. Transported from the temples of India to Victorian England, this is a tale that twists between death, drugs, mystery and, most of all, misdirection. Collins spins a tale of intrigue with many a wrong-turn as the moonstone leaves a path of destruction in its wake.

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Imagining the Pagan in Late Medieval England

Imagining the Pagan in ...

Late medieval English culture was fascinated by the figure of the pagan, the ancestor whose religious difference must be negotiated, and by the pagan's idol, an animate artefact.

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