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Rock of Chickamauga

Rock of Chickamauga

General George H. Thomas, the "Rock of Chickamauga" of the history books, was a Virginian who chose the northern side in the Civil War. While Thomas was considered a traitor by his family, his military superiors regarded him with a certain mistrust because of his southern background. Nonetheless, Thomas was prominent in the battles of Mill Springs, Shiloh, Corinth, Perryville, ...

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From Burned Out to Fired Up

From Burned Out to ...

As a recovering workaholic, psychotherapist and author who has helped thousands of professionals find meaningful work, Leslie Godwin knows the effects of stress and job burnout--physical, mental and spiritual exhaustion. For the millions of struggling women who wear many hats, Godwin offers real solutions - it's not about balancing or multitasking, it's about making true life changes that result in ...

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The Wizard of Oz Vocabulary Builder

The Wizard of Oz ...

This special retelling of The Wizard of Oz contains within it 1850 SAT-type vocabulary words, which appear in bold type throughout the story. At the bottom of each page are thorough but easy-to-understand definitions and funny or informative illustrative sentences for each of the highlighted words. Includes index.

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The Blackbeard Legacy

The Blackbeard Legacy

Captain Hanna, the beautiful daughter of the infamous pirate Blackbeard, sails the dangerous waters of the sea with her crew of female privateers, searching for bounty wherever they can find it. All the while they are being sought after by the merciless and vengeful Captain Purloin, taking on unwanted stowaways, and fighting with some very angry and ugly zombies.

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Female Force

Female Force

Presents the life stories of the women in the media such as Oprah, Barbara Walters, Ellen DeGeneres, and Meredith Vieira.

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Shoshoni-Crow Sun Dance

Shoshoni-Crow Sun Dance

About 1875 the Crows abandoned their own Sun Dance, but they continued to carry out other traditional rites despite opposition from missionaries and the federal government. In 1941, Crow Indians from Montana sought out leaders of the Sun Dance among the Wind River Shoshonis in Wyoming and under the direction of John Truhujo, made the ceremony a part of their ...

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They Saw the Elephant

They Saw the Elephant

The phrase 'seeing the elephant' symbolized for '49 gold rushers the exotic, the mythical, the once-in-a-lifetime adventure, unequaled anywhere else but in the journey to the promised land of fortune: California. Most western myths . . . generally depict an exclusively male gold rush. Levy's book debunks that myth. Here a variety of women travel, work, and write their way ...

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Geology: A Folding Pocket Guide to Familiar Rocks, Minerals, Gemstones & Fossils

Geology: A Folding Pocket ...

Geology, An Introduction to Familiar Rocks, Minerals, Gemstones & Fossils, is a must-have reference guide for beginners and experts alike. With this indispensable guide, learn how to identify common species of North American rocks, gems, minerals and fossils. Maps show the distribution of familiar rocks and minerals across North America. Also, included are helpful tips on how to begin, where ...

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Red World and White

Red World and White

In reminiscing about his early years on Minnesota's White Earth Reservation at the turn of the century, John Rogers reveals much about the life and customs of the Chippewas. He tells of food-gathering, fashioning bark canoes and wigwams, curing deerskin, playing games, and participating in sacred rituals. These customs were to be cast aside, however, when he was taken to ...

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First, Do No Harm: Power, Oppression, and Violence in Healthcare

First, Do No Harm: ...

First, Do No Harm shows how health care professionals, with the best intentions of providing excellent, holistic health care, can nonetheless perpetuate violence against vulnerable patients. The essays investigate the need to rethink contemporary healthcare practices in ways that can bring the art and science of medicine back into sorely needed balance. These ground-breaking studies by noted scholars question commonly ...

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Kent Island - The Land hat Once Was Eden

Kent Island - The ...

A story of family, place, and time before the Chesapeake Bay Bridge paved over a way of life with a six-lane highway.

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In these studies on Philippians, you'll gain a firm understanding of the historical context, purpose, structure, and meaning of the Epistle. You'll acquire personal study skills and a thirst to return to the book on your own so you can keep going deeper into its life- transforming truths.

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Southwestern Desert Life: A Folding Pocket Guide to Familiar Plants & Animals

Southwestern Desert Life: A ...

Southwestern Desert Life, An Introduction to Familiar Plants and Animals, is a must-have, reference guide for beginners and experts alike. Whether you're on a nature hike or taking a stroll in your neighborhood, you'll want to take along a copy of this indispensable guide.The Pocket Naturalist series is an introduction to common plants and animals and natural phenomena. Each pocket-sized, ...

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Sinn Fein: A Hundred Turbulent Years

Sinn Fein: A Hundred ...

Sinn Fein ("ourselves alone") is one of the most controversial political movements in Ireland. Here, for the first time, is the complete story of the rise and fall--and rise again--of a party that repeatedly has reshaped its identity over the course of a hundred years, moving from dual monarchy to dual strategy: the gun and the ballot box. From Arthur ...

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