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Christmas In My Home and Heart

Christmas In My Home ...

Bestselling author McGraw explains how to celebrate Christmas not with outward perfection, but from within the heart. From creating family traditions to reaching out to others in need, McGraw offers inspiration and wisdom for experiencing the joys of the season.

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Travels in the East

Travels in the East

Adventures and contemplations throughout the world by a master storyteller, critic, and expatriate writer.

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An Account of the Life & Death of Mrs. Elizabeth Bury

An Account of the ...

This work, which contains both a biography and autobiographical material from Elizabeth Bury's diary and letters over the period 1690-1720, was widely known among the Dissenters and was treasured for its example of piety, godliness, and grace. Also included in this new edition are transcripts of the last will and testament of Elizabeth's two husbands, Griffith Lloyd and Samuel Bury, ...

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My Book of Mazes Around the World: Ages 5, 6, 7

My Book of Mazes ...

Our seventh maze workbook, My Book of Mazes: Around the World, will also focus on solidifying your child's pencil control skills and spatial reasoning ability. These particular mazes will feature landmarks and cultural items from around the world in order to introduce your child to interesting new places and practices.

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Bass Guitar Playing

Bass Guitar Playing

Designed for those who have at least a few years experience playing bass guitar but wish to improve their playing ability and knowledge to an advanced level. This book covers the material needed for the Registry of Guitar Tutors bass guitar examinations from Grade 6 to Grade 8, enabling you to gain an internationally recognised qualification.

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Confucianism and Christianity

Confucianism and Christianity

The underlying idea presented in this book is that there are similarities as well as differences between Confucianism as Humanistic tradition and Christianity as a theocentric religion, and that these similarities and differences are mutually involved and

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Anne Neville

Anne Neville

Anne Neville was queen to England's most notorious king, Richard III. She was immortalized by Shakespeare for the remarkable nature of her marriage, a union which brought together a sorrowing widow with her husband's murderer. Anne's misfortune did not end there. In addition to killing her first husband, this fascinating new biography also reveals how Richard also helped kill her ...

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The Welsh Wars of Independence

The Welsh Wars of ...

Independent Wales was defined in the centuries after the Romans withdrew from Britain in AD 410. The wars of Welsh independence encompassed centuries of raids, expeditions, battles and sieges, but they were more than a series of military encounters: they were a political process.

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The Historical Atlas of West Virginia

The Historical Atlas of ...

Few reference works are as valuable to both scholars and non-scholars as a historical atlas. Therefore, "The Historical Atlas of West Virginia" will be an important title for libraries, schools, and every West Virginian who wants to understand how historical forces are mapped onto the state's terrain. This atlas also shows how the distribution of natural resources intersects with various ...

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