A Continuous Miracle

Interwoven into the threads of Hildegard Dehmel Jensen's life are incredible healings and divine interventions. In St. John 15:27, Jesus, speaking to His disciples, said, "And you also must testify" (NIV). Through her writings compiled in this book, Hilde testifies to the miracles she has witnessed in her life, and to the great God she has faithfully served. A Continuous Miracle shares the fascinating stories of Hilde's life growing up, from her childhood in Germany to her family's experiences in America. May they inspire the reader to a greater faith in God and remind us all of His enduring promises.

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Artikelnummer 9780976435358
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Autor Dehmel Jensen, Hildegard / Jensen, Hildegard Dehmel
Sprache eng
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Verlag Imagine Books
Erscheinungsjahr 2005
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