Animal Farm and 1984 (Centennial Editions) boxed set

Haunting, prophetic, and utterly revelatory, George Orwell's classic novels "Animal Farm" and "1984" are two of the most iconic books in American literature. Rich with themes of identity, oppression, and freedom, Orwell's words are as strikingly relevant now as they were when they were first published.
Now, for the first time ever, the centennial editions of these two classics are available together in a stunning keepsake boxed set. Featuring the original cover artwork and forewords by Thomas Pynchon and Ann Patchett, these elegant editions are a must-have for any appreciator of American literature.

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Artikelnummer 9780452294462
Preis 35,90 CHF
Autor Orwell, George
Sprache eng
Verlag Penguin Putnam
Erscheinungsjahr 2011
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