Blaze of Change

The old scars of the murder of Wes Grant reopen as Cecilia Lang, the Carnon Detective turned rogue during the trial is released from incarceration and seeking to exact revenge against the Moore family.The Moore and Barnes family-Sara Moore Barnes, Russel Barnes, John Moore, Mary Moore, and Michael Moore-continue the hard work to carry on the legacy of the Moore Ranch, completely unaware of the murderous plot that Cecilia has put into action.When the Red Pasture is threatened by a blazing fire that has spread from the Anglin Pass area, the AMIGOS, composed of Brent Thomms, Charles Hunter, and Michael Moore-the new generation of cowboys-are about to face the greatest challenge of their lives. They must defy all odds to save the foundation of the ranch and ensure the safety of their families and the women they love. An old feud resurfaces and creates a divide among the horse-breeding ranch families including the Sandersons and the Prampts with the Moores unknowingly caught in the cross-hairs. The conflict escalates quickly, leaving traces of blood and a dead body. After an unexpected arrest is made, Chief Kent Harrison and the Brandon Police Force undertake the investigation. As the pieces of the puzzle begin to take shape, the real motive of the murder is uncovered laced with insatiable greed, family betrayal, undaunted jealousies and amost unexpected attraction. Having tested the strength of love through an alluring big city career opportunity, an unexpected twist of fate presents opportunity to return to Brandon. Can her love be saved despite the changes brought by time? Will she still be the woman he loves?Faith, Family, Hope… Ranch life and the Cowboy Code.The one true thing that matters the most is revealed in the end.

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Erscheinungsjahr 2019
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