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Bunjevci: migrations, traditional heritage, identities

The book consists of nine chapters. The first chapter deals with the impact of migration on the cultural heritage and identity of the Croatian (sub)ethnic group Bunjevci. Next chapter focuses on their rights to belong to the Croatian nation in the region of Backa (province of Vojvodina, Serbia) within the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes between the two World Wars. The following chapter deals with the local community of the Bunjevci, who settled in Croatia at different times in the 20th century. The aim of the next chapter is to introduce certain characteristic features of life in extended families of the Bunjevci in the different regions they have inhabited since the 17th century. The next two chapters deal with Duzijanca, the celebration marking the end of the harvest among Bunjevci in Backa and the role of ritual traditional clothing in the revitalization of annual customs and rituals. The next two chapters focus on certain specific phenomena in wedding customs of the Bunjevci in the context of the Southeastern Europe. In the final chapter the author gives concluding remarks on the possible origin of the Croatian (sub)ethnic group of Bunjevci.

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