Completely Mine

There's a woman under those crazy, frumpy clothes, and I want her. But I want her to tell me who she really is.After all those years away, I've got to go back to run Bliss when Dave decides he wants to retire. Good thing my assistant, Cirilla, can move with me to help run my real estate business. I can't do without the frumpy, dowdy, difficult woman who's only in her thirties but looks like she's fifty. Her decision to join Bliss leaves me in a panic, but when she steps out of the women's locker room, I realize I'm in deep trouble. I've wanted to see what was under those baggy clothes, and holy hell, now I know. But there are a lot of things I don't know about Cirilla, and some of them can kill her. The biggest one? Exactly who is she? The fourth book in the Bliss series leaves Brian with more questions than answers. Can he find out who Cirilla is? More importantly, can he do it in time?

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