Current Distribution on Linear Thin Wire Antenna

Numerical techniques in solving electromagnetics problems are the most common methods which are used during the last decades, especially with the growing inventions of fast speed computers and powerful softwares. In this book, it is attempted to approach a fast efficient algorithm for solving the famous Hallen's and Pocklington's integral equations of a finite-length linear thin wire antenna which is energized by delta-function generator (DFG) in order to find current distribution along the antenna. For this purpose, Method of Moments (MoM), a powerful numerical technique to solve integral equations and Fast Multipole Method (FMM) which is an efficient mathematical technique to accelerate iterative solutions are to be combined. This book may be useful for the ones who are interested in the solution of electromagnetics antenna and scattering problems using advanced numerical techniques, particularly MoM and FMM. One may consider the application of these methods on Metamaterial structures as the future work.

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