Die vielen Farben des Autismus

The author is a representative of a modern approach that is now only gradually beginning to be established in the German-speaking countries: autism is not a rare severe handicap. Instead, autism is a relatively frequent phenomenon with a wide spectrum, ranging from intellectual disability to exceptional giftedness, with mild to severe forms. This is illustrated using an easily understood colour scheme. The book provides answers to many questions raised by those affected, as well as by specialists: How is autism diagnosed? How do autism-spectrum disturbances arise? What helpful strategies are there for everyday growing up and school life? The book also includes information about individual teaching solutions (home schooling, e-learning) and practical everyday aids in the form of an app. A series of case histories and portraits illustrate the variety of autism. The book also provides practical guides for children with autism spectrum, their parents and therapists, which are available in the form of detailed working materials via the publishers= web site.

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