Readiness for rehabilitation is defined in this studyas the "cognitive precursor of behavioral change." It may be seen as the movement from weighing up goalincentives and expectancies to the implementation ofa chosen goal. In vocational rehabilitation, readiness is typically assessed superficially andreported dichotomously as either ready or not ready. The motivation for assessment of readiness is oftento justify acceptance decisions and to predictvocational success. A focus on understandingreadiness for vocational change and its influences isa relatively new, unexplored, and complex area.Keyfindings from this study were, firstly, thatindividuals with psychiatric disabilities want towork and are driven by an inner desire, secondly, that while the role of worker is an importantpossible self , other social roles are as important, and, thirdly, that the impact of one's illness is amajor determinant of readiness for vocational change.

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