Evaluation of Seabuckthorn byproducts for in vivo in vitro activities

This study is about the medicinal properties associated with the traditional herbal medicines which are not explored till now. The objective was to identify and describe the potential of seabuckthorn and its utilization. The study utilized the descriptive method of research. Data were analyzed using statistical tools such as mean, t-test, Oneway ANOVA and Step-wise Linear Regression. Based on the data gathered, give a scientific support to the modern studies which reported the positive influence of Sea buckthorn leaf in stress management, radioprotection, wound healing, inflammatory and free radical mediated diseases. Further investigation on the identification and purification of active component(s) may lead to chemical entities with potential clinical use. The untapped and underutilized wild bioresources, Hippophae, where disturbances to ecosystem are minimal only fruits are harvested and not the total plant biomass. This wild edible has begun to attract attention as being one of the income-generating components of the non-farm part of rural economy. There is no doubt that the future holds a great promise for the sea buckthorn with its powerful and healing synergies.

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