For I Know The Plans

Dearest Friend, This book has been a labor of love. It was difficult to write and open up about the greatest heartbreak of my life. I somehow felt my private heart was now open to a public world. This was scary for me but I did it for you- in hopes that sharing my heart and life with you would give you the strength and hope to fulfill that which God has called you to do on your journey. I know it is very difficult to travel through the tunnel of loss. If I could be there with you now in person, I would hold your hands, look into your beautiful eyes and say "I know the pain and you will make it through this. Please keep your hand in God's hand because He does know the plans for you. They are good and He loves you like no other." I understand what it is like to have a great loss. In this book, I share my story of what my tunnel experiences entailed. Do I think your journey in your tunnel will be the same?-of course not. Every single person has their individual tunnel they must travel through. I truly hope my story and what I have learned through my tunnel will encourage and inspire you to navigate through your tunnel successfully. Amy Birchfield

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