Foundation Fireworks CS4

Are you a web designer who is looking for a new and quicker way to prototype and create for the web? Perhaps you are a programmer who finds most design tools to be overkill for what you need to get done. Or, maybe you're an old Fireworks pro, who wants to get up-to-date on the changes in Creative Suite 4. Either way, this book has something for you.

Coverage of all that's new and powerful for the Web designer and developer in Fireworks CS4

Targets developers who want design tools that don't get in their way and designers who want development tools that don't constrain their creativity

Do all your website and page prototypes and comps in one tool and learn how to take them straight to Dreamweaver to implement your designs

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Autor Griffith, Hugh / King, Rogie / Smith, Nathan / Mallott, Chuck / Heerema, Matt / Erskine, Craig
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Verlag Springer Nature EN
Erscheinungsjahr 2009
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