From Slash and Burn to Replanting: Green Revolutions in the Indonesia Uplands

What are the alternatives to slash-and-burn in the Indonesian uplands? Based on fieldwork conducted in 1997 in some 40 small regions throughout Indonesia, as well as an extensive literature review, "From Slash and Burn to Replanting, " examines these alternatives.
Economic and ecological changes in Indonesia, were critical during 1997 and 1998. The currency and economic crisis struck city dwellers, while El Nino and forest clearing had devastating effects on rural areas. However, Indonesian smallholders showed some ability to adapt to changes, both to the unexpected windfalls from lucky export crops in 1998 and the no-less unexpected plunge in 1999 and 2000.
"From Slash and Burn to Replanting" finds that farmers in the uplands are true entrepreneurs and innovators. If alternatives do exist, they have been mostly invented and implemented from ?below?, by farmers and middlemen, rather than by projects and governmental agencies.

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