Fun Fab Swatch Pad

You don't have to be Van Gogh to know: You can't judge a marker color by its cap! Swatching out your art supplies BEFORE you use them is super important and can keep you from making some very grave color mistakes when it comes to masterpiece time!! But, if you're the proud new owner of that 3, 000 pencil set it also can be boooooooring! Artist Karen Campbell has gathered a fun group of her artsy friends to help you spice up your swatching options in this collection of fun, easy to use color swatch templates! Copy the images directly on your favorite art papers or color them directly in the book and make the otherwise arduous process of swatching, dare I say...FUN! Say goodbye to boring squares and circles and helloooo to cute designs like classy cocktail glasses, sweet 60's suitcases, owls, flags, lipsticks, faces, perfume bottles, hunky dudes, birdhouses and MORE! Before you botch it, swatch it!

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Artikelnummer 9780996942782
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Autor Campbell, Karen
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Verlag Karen Campbell
Erscheinungsjahr 2019
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