Gail the Snail: Snailing Around

Gail the Snail, Snailing Around"
Moving can be a frightening event for both young and old alike. In fact, any general change in our everyday life can be considered monumental to some of us.
In this story Gail is able to walk a friend through one of those changes in his life. By doing that she gives a great example to youngsters everywhere about change and that it is not always a bad thing. Gail and her friend show us that moving is often a very good experience.

Golden Gram
has always enjoyed reading stories. She is an average grandmother who has decided to write a collection of her favorite stories to share with children everywhere. In her own words: "Busy parents these days, with both moms and dads working full time don't have enough hours in the day or they just don't get the opportunity to go over these little life lessons with their preschoolers.
My mission is to give these active parents an easy way to teach them thus
giving the children a fun way to learn! Quality time for all. Hopefully Gail the Snail can help get the word out!"
Golden Gram lives in sunny Florida with her husband. They have four grown children and three grandchildren, all of whom are her best critics!
Golden Gram writes for sheer enjoyment with the hope that parents and teachers of preschoolers in the world today may find a place for her books in their home and/or school libraries.

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