Game of the Gods

Game of the Gods is a gentle, guiding hand on your journey to discovering your god-self. In this book, the word God refers to your infinite wisdom, potential, creativity, and beauty. Society has tricked you into believing you have limited capabilities, vision, and compassion, but you are a God, and so is every living being on this planet.The process of awakening to your true self (your god-self), can be viewed as a brilliant game. Whether you are battling large obstacles or struggling with everyday challenges, the Game of the Gods offers tools, insights, and ideas to navigate our modern world with grace.Joe Kitty draws on his challenges with abuse and trauma to offer a loving, deeply insightful, and free-from-judgment experience. This refreshingly unique look at spirituality will inspire you to delve deeper into yourself, and to find your truth and strength in every circumstance.May we all find peace within as we awaken to our god-selves together.

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Autor Kitty, Joe
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Erscheinungsjahr 2019
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