Heat and Mass transfer of Fluid

In chapter I, we have discussed the fundamental concept of heat and mass transfer. In this chapter we have shown some relation among the various parameters related to heat and mass transfer of fluid. In chapter II, we have discussed about forced convection. The temperature distributions in a forced parallel flow near the wall with constant temperature and constant heat flux have been discussed here.In chapter III, an attempt has been made to discuss the natural convection. The basic equations related to various free convective processes have been shown with the help of some nondimentional numbers. In chapter IV, the combine effects of forced and free convection in fluid have been taken into account. Here we have shown the convective boundary layer related to mixed convection. In chapter V, we have investigated the mass transfer of fluid. Here, we have discussed about mass transfer, forced and fluxes, diffusion equation. In chapter VI, we have discussed about some additional convective process. Various processes like melting, atmospheric convection, oceanic convection etc. have been taken here. In describing special types of convective flow we have considered porous medium.

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