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insight: Upper-Intermediate: Student's Book

Ten topic based units divided into five clear sections (A-E) that logically follow on from one another Sections A-E within each unit are: Reading and Vocabulary, Grammar and Listening, Listening, Speaking and Vocabulary, Culture, Vocabulary and Grammar, Writing Vocabulary insight pages at the end of every unit develop a deeper awareness of how language works and build students' dictionary skills Every unit includes a writing strategy and either a listening or reading
strategy that develop students' skills and help them become more confident and autonomous learners. Strategies are practiced through a number of activities, so students can immediately apply the skills they have learnt Unit Reviews appear in every unit and test all the grammar and vocabulary points
covered during the unit Each level of the Student's Book contains five Cumulative Reviews (found after every two units) which review all the language taught up to that point through a series of skills-based activities Ten page Vocabulary bank section with twenty additional topic-based vocabulary sets Plenty of speaking practice in lessons which encourage students to express their own ideas and reflect on the topics they are learning about Writing Guide in every unit supports students through
the process of planning, writing and checking their own work Culture pages in every unit and related video available on DVD, iTools or the Workbook with Online Practice and the Online Workbook Plus will broaden your students' understanding and knowledge of the customs, traditions, and history of
English-speaking countries

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