His wife is actually inspired him to start writing. God inspires him what to write about through. He does not claim to be an expert on God or the Bible. He is just a Christian who has become enlightened to write poetic verses from the Holy Scriptures. He says that there is a need for inspirational poetry for many. Many have told him how much uplifting his poetry is. This also includes pastors and military chaplains. The value of inspirational poetry is priceless to those who need inspiration. We should not forget the military either especially at overseas locations. Our soldiers need as much motivation as possible. Hope that his poetry inspires you as much as he was inspired to write it. God has inspired him to write. In fact, many verses started pooping into his head while he was driving. It was almost as though God was telling Richard what to write about. You'll notice several referenced to a Bible Scripture in the title. The poem is based on that particular scripture. These poems are in no way intended to distort or destroy the original scripture. It's just a slight variation to enhance and bring out the poetic verse. The verses still hold the same meaning as it was written. Other poems listed are just some thoughts about life and how we're affected by it. Sit back and enjoy Richard's thoughts on life and spirituality. Here are some comments from amateur poets who mentioned to Richard about his poetry: "Enjoyment was mine, as I traveled through your well written. Keep up the great work."- Norma D. of Princeton "I love your poetry, you give such Glory to God and so much inspiration for others. Thanks for sharing your great gift."- Betty B. of Shawnee, OK "I enjoy reading your poems. It is not w/o depth and feeling. Keep up the great expressions." - William of Houston "You have a natural talent for writing, gifted. God Bless." - Joyce G. of Buffalo, NY "I really enjoyed reading your poetry." - Sid J. of Ludington, MI

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