Is it sufficient only to rely on the 'Classical Model' to practice

Essay from the year 2008 in the subject Business economics - Personnel and Organisation, grade: Distinction, University of Western Sydney (School of Management ), course: Human Resource Strategy, 26 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: In recent years an efficient personnel management became an indisputable fact for success and competitiveness of organizations. Personnel resources emerged to key resources for organizations because the capabilities of employees play a main role in strategic behaviour organizations and in turn cause in an influence of effectiveness of the strategy implementation process. Therefore human resources must become an integral component of the strategic planning process because an effective use of human resources is likely to give an organization a significant competitive advantage. Regarding to Beer, Spector, Lawrence, Quinn Mills and Walton the change in HRM can only be executed "...when general managers develop a viewpoint of how they wish to see employees involved in and developed by the enterprise, and of what HRM policies and practices might achieve these goals. Without either a central philosophy or a strategic view - which can be provided only by general managers - HRM is likely to remain a set of independent activities, each guided by its own practice tradition" (1984, p. 4). For this reason there were pleas for developing HRM to a growing integral strategic dimension, the 'Strategic Human Resource Management'. As an expansion of HRM it 'involves' employees in the strategy formulation process and adjusts HRM to organizational strategy in order to guarantee an efficient strategy implementation (van Donk and Esser, 1992). But SHRM was characterized as an area of difficult definitions and contentious theory.
Due to the described research up-to-dateness of dependency between organizational strategy and HRM the emphasis of this essay is a critical examination if only one model of organizational strategy, the 'Classical Approach' is sufficient to practice HRM. By using a confrontation of the understanding and execution of further organizational strategy approaches and specialised HRS models this work attempts to find out if there is a need to have a broad and integrated understanding of these approaches and concepts to practice HRM respectively SHRM. In the following this work will regard to these issues and is going to begin with the definition of certain models of organizational and human resource strategy...

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