Success is not about reaching the summit, but about having the strength to do what is right for you.Rod Wood is not your typical mountaineer. Working as a farm vet all his life, he suffered from depression and found himself deeply dissatisfied with day-to-day living. So he decided to do something about it and set off to fulfil his boyhood dream of climbing Kilimanjaro. He came down a completely changed man.In Kenya: A Mountain to Climb we join Rod five years later, after overcoming depression, on a second life-changing adventure to Kenya - a journey which would change him more profoundly than he'd ever imagined.Thoughtfully written in Rod's inimitable style, this book recounts his travels through this stunningly beautiful yet troubled country, his encounters with the magnificent Kenyan wildlife, and his attempt to climb Mount Kenya. Along the way, Rod discovers that the mountain pales in comparison to the political and environmental obstacles the country itself must overcome, and this gives him the perspective to recognise the things that really matter.This book teaches us that climbing mountains is not a depression cure, but that doing the things you aspire to do, even if you don't succeed, can be one of the best natural ways to treat depression and help you to rediscover the things in life that make you truly happy.A perfect read for trekkers, outdoor enthusiasts and those with their own mountains to climb...#Reviews'... offers a vivid and fascinating insight into Kenya, not only in terms of the author's travels but also looking at the country and its people within a wider context of politics and climate change. I thought it was a very interesting commentary on the country and went beyond the confines of a simple travel recollection.'Jenny D - London

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