No Cartoon Left Behind!: The Best of Rob Rogers

In No Cartoon Left Behind, Rogers recounts his humorous path to cartooning and shares his own personal perspective on the major news stories of the past two and a half decades. He covers a diverse range of topics including the Cold War, gun control, smoking, racism, the environment, 9/11 and presidential elections. In the chapter called "Where's the Beef: Fear and Drawing On the Campaign Trail, " Rogers shares his best cartoons from the last seven presidential races, including Obama's historic win in 2008.No Cartoon Left Behind is not just another political cartoon collection. Rogers has created a unique history primer of the post-Cold War period as told through political cartoons. At the same time, he has managed to create a memoir, sharing his early childhood drawings and giving the reader a rare look into his creative process by answering the frequently asked question: Where do you get your ideas?No Cartoon Left Behind is a must-have for political junkies, history buffs, cartoon fans and people who only have forty dollars to spend on health care. After all, laughter is the best medicine.

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