On the Success of the Economic Area Frankfurt-Rhein-Main

Pre-University Paper from the year 2018 in the subject Geography / Earth Science - Economic Geography, , language: English, abstract: The present work focuses on the success of the economic area Frankfurt-Rhein-Main. I asked myself why Frankfurt was so successful and if it may still develop, but I could not answer these questions. The main topic of this research paper is to answer these questions. At the beginning of my research paper, I would like to describe the location of the economic area of Frankfurt-Rhein-Main and consider which cities are members of this economic area. I will explain important location factors of the tertiary sector and examine Frankfurt am Main regarding the present location factors. I will focus on Frankfurt because it is the most significant city in the economic area. Afterwards, I will analyse the economic structure of Frankfurt and Frankfurt-Rhein-Main and compare them with the structure in the past. While analysing the current economic structure, I will elaborate significant branches in the economy of Frankfurt. At the end of this work, I will try to realize a trend and give a prognosis. I will conclude by answering the central issue, why the economic area could be so successful and if the potential may be exploited.Frankfurt am Main is the city in Frankfurt-Rhein-Main with the highest importance. Almost one third of the gross domestic product is generated in Frankfurt am Main. It is not the only city contributing to economic performance. Other cities are also contributing more than five billion euros to the total gross domestic product. Nevertheless, the economic area still depends on Frankfurt because of the high share of the economic performance. To sum up, we can say Frankfurt fulfils many important location factors that com-panies of the tertiary sectors are looking for. This includes a central location, a good infrastructure, an excellent digital infrastructure, great reputation, education, continuous graduations in demanded subjects, agglomeration benefits, and top real estate.

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