Pak - Iran Relations Opportunities, Challenges and Prospects

The relations between Iran and Pakistan are standing on different ground comparing to the first few decades since the independence of both countries. As situation which changed after the Islamic Revolution of Iran in 1979. At present moment however, both countries are looking forward towards mending the once damaged ties. The tensions that Iran holds regarding the role of United States of America being an oppressor itself and the supporter as well of other oppressive powers in the region, and the ongoing challenges in Iraq and Afghanistan are ever increasing the anxiety on Iranian side. And in this situation Pakistan needs to carefully balance its relations with Iran in comparison to Saudi Arabia also, which stands at extreme opposing grounds towards Iran on both sectarian as well as political basis and as a trusted ally of America, further worsening the situation in this regard. This document will try to describe the politics and tactics adopted by the regional as well as international powers in south west Asia and their result on forming the future shape of Pak Iran relations.

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