Panini Press Cookbook

If you have a passion for trying new, tasty, and healthy meals that require minimal effort and even less clean-up, then you have come to the right place.The panini press has for a long time been described as a one-hit wonder, used for nothing more than toasted sandwiches - which is incredibly unfortunate because they truly are one of the most efficient and versatile pieces of cooking equipment within the kitchen.In this book, we show you how the panini press can be used to make healthy meals that are suitable for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or desert.And did we mention they are incredibly simple and super time efficient?Over the course of this book, you will learn: Breakfast panini press recipes (including omelettes, hash browns, and a Spanish chorizo and pear panini) Delicious sandwich recipes (including a Rueben sandwich, and a delicious Cuban panini) Amazing burger recipes (including jalapeno turkey burgers and shrimp sliders) As well as some incredible lunch recipes, delicious dinner recipes, and decadent dessert recipes. The panini press is seriously one of the most effective appliances in the kitchen - so find out how to use it properly.

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