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Principles of Business Management

Principles of management related textbooks are crowed in the market then why another one? The answer that I would like to share and reason for writing this book was that there exists a gap between what managers think and do and what they read in management books. I have tried to make an attempt to cover that in this book of mine. I have included real life cases, stories and examples to illustrate the principles of management. Chapter 1 provides background on business & management, objectives for doing business, determinants of types of industries. Chapter 2 covers the different forms of business organizations and there corresponding advantages and disadvantages. Chapter 3 deals with the difference between the management and administration, In Chapter 4, managers plan the purpose, goals, and work and how important planning is integral to management. Chapter 5 deals with the decision making aspects in management. In Chapter 6, it talks about organization, managers organize work into jobs and departments. Chapter 7, 8 & 9 is about delegation, coordination and leadership. Chapter 10 about morale and Chapter 11 about Controlling as function of management.

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