Psychoanalytic Trends in Theory and Practice

Psychoanalytic Trends in Theory and Practice serves as a guide for the novice, and a refresher for the expert, into the history and current status of major psychoanalytic concepts. Each chapter author, reviews the development of a concept over the history of psychoanalysis, includes clinical examples to illustrate the concept, and identifies current questions about the topic. Further, many chapters embody a developmental perspective, not just in terms of an idea or concept, but also in terms of the individual, these sections explore how the experiences of the child inform that of the adult. M. Hossein Etezady, Inga Blom, and Mary Davis honor core concepts that continue to inform contemporary psychoanalytic practice, demonstrate the ongoing relevance and utility of the psychoanalytic perspective, and provide a solid and integrative foundation for further exploration into the next generation of theory and clinical work.

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