Relationship between Teacher Knowledge and Student Performance

Available literature on teaching and student performance is replete with evidence that the teacher is one of the most important factors that influence student performance, especially in the developing world. Since several studies that have attempted to establish this link have relied on proxy measures of teacher knowledge (e.g., the number of university courses taken), it is necessary to re-conceptualize teacher knowledge in ways that is both domain specific and lends itself to some form of direct measurement. One of the ground- breaking works in this direction is being done by researchers in the Knowledge of Algebra for Teaching (KAT) project at Michigan State University. This study adapted the instruments developed by the KAT project. In 1565 high school elective mathematics seniors from eight public schools in Ghana, and 38 mathematics teachers participated in the study. In addition, 301 university seniors also participated in the study. Linear Regression performed revealed a positive correlation between teacher knowledge and to student performance. However, the relationship was not significant. Recommendations have been made in the light of the findings.

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