Repatriates and Their Spouses

General readjustment and well being of repatriates and spouses are some of the factors that make the repatriation process successful. Even though job factors are important, family members must be considered as one of the successful factors of readjustment.This study manages to indicate that repatriate spouses' readjustment to the home country is important for repatriates' own readjustment process. We found that repatriates' psychological well being is significantly related to their spouses' well being and general readjustment. We also found that there is a positive and significant relationship between repatriates' and their spouses' general readjustment. This book highlights that it is a must for repatriates to consider the success of readjustment process of their spouses when they return to home country. This is important since the readjustment process of their family members will lead to the success in their career. In general, we can conclude that, in every successful repatriate, there is his/her spouse who has been successfully readjusted to the home country.

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