Rubiks Cube In 8 Simple Steps - Learn The Solution Fast In Eight Easy Step-By-Step Instructions For Kids And Beginners

This little puzzle has fascinated and confused millions of people since its conception in 1974. It even took the inventor of the cube Erno Rubik a whole month to solve his own creation. Don't worry though, we're going to do it in a fraction of that time. You might be holding the cube muddled up in front of you unsure what to do. In less than an hour this guides going to solve that problem for you with no frustrations!¿¿ What's in this book ¿¿ - History of the Rubik's Cube - Terminology of the cube - The 8 simple steps to solve it - Colored images to help you follow along - Cool facts since its creation - How to make awesome patterns once it's done

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