Schemin' Confessions of a Gold Digger

Jalita Harrison is a nineteen-year-old biracial woman who was born in to a dysfunctional environment, but aspired to overcome it. After raising herself on the streets of Baltimore, she decides she wants no part of a destructive lifestyle and is accepted in to a college in Virginia. During Christmas break, she is left temporarily homeless and nearly penniless. As a result, Jalita returns to Baltimore, where people from her past double-cross her.

Frustrated and desperate, Jalita decides to start running game in the nearby suburbs, using her good looks, wit, and street smarts to survive. Schemin' becomes an addictive habit that leads her to abandon her college plans and self-imposed morality. When she and a handsome but engaged NBA basketball star agree to hook up on the down low, Jalita becomes a part of a dangerous love triangle. Before it's all said and done, the script is flipped on each party involved and everyone is left to live with consequences of behaving badly.


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